Long time no post.

But I’m stressed and horny as shit. Who wants to get high with me and eat my pussy?

Fuck me

Turning on kik for the night!

Tell me something really dirty.
Sexy stories.
I want them.
I want you.


A New Year's nude?

Belated. Soon to come. ;3

How was Europe? Get up to anything naughty?

Of course. 

You should post more often. I adore your blog!

You’re sweet! I will try to soon! Promise!

Anything you guys want to ask me? I’ll answer anything!

Make it as dirty or clean as you like.
Also submissions welcome as always, from girls and guys.

Stories, pictures, confessions, anything! Anon or not. Private or public.

Or you can kik me at 180daisyx

I read you've never done anal, but have you done ass play (fingers, licking, etc)? And did you like it?

I’m a complete Virgin back there!

Are there any photos of you on this blog? God you turn me on. ;)

Sometimes. Rarely. They’re short-lived. 

Yes, a taken guy would fuck you. Gladly.